PCSA Data Download – 2010 (Census Tract Basis)

The goal of the Primary Care Service Area (PCSA) Project is to provide information about primary care resources and populations within small standardized areas that reflect patient utilization patterns. This is the first release of PCSA data using the new PCSA 3.1 boundaries, based on 2010 census tract geography.

The PCSA data are in DBF format. With the exception of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data, missing data values are displayed as -99. In the CMS data, suppression rules apply to the Medicare variables; suppressed data values are displayed as -999.

The 2010 edition of the PCSA database contains nationwide data on U.S. primary health care resources, populations and utilization, compiled and presented in newly developed areas of analysis (PCSAs, version 3.1) and related to other geopolitical units. These PCSAs were developed by aggregating groups of 2010 Census Tracts.

2010 Census Tract to PCSAv3.1 crosswalk

ZIP9 to PCSA v3.1 crosswalk

ZIP5 to PCSA v3.1 crosswalk
The attribute files for 3.1 PCSAs and Census Tracts include 2010 census and some 2006-10 ACS population/demographic variables, along with 2010 Medicare utilization data, 2010 AMA physician location data, 2009 AAPA data on Physician Assistant locations, and 2012 data on CHC, FQHC, and RHC locations.

For detailed information, please refer to the data dictionary: Version 3.1 Data Dictionary (DD)
Census Tract layer attributes (File 1) Variables TG_DOC to TH65_UP
(see DD, Tract Data Layer, pp. 1-7)
Census Tract layer attributes (File 2) Variables TNH00_14 to TP12B149
(see DD, Tract Data Layer, pp. 7-13)
Census Tract layer attributes (File 3) Variables TP12C12 to TP126149
(see DD, Tract Data Layer, pp. 13-23)
Census Tract layer attributes (File 4) Variables TP12H12 to TFADD
(see DD, Tract Data Layer, pp. 23-31)
PCSA v3.1 layer attributes (File 1) Variables PG_DOC to PH65_UP
(see DD, PCSA Data Layer, pp. 1-15)
PCSA v3.1 layer attributes (File 2) Variables PNH00_14 to PP12B149
(see DD, PCSA Data Layer, pp. 15-24)
PCSA v3.1 layer attributes (File 3) Variables PP12C12 to PP126149
(see DD, PCSA Data Layer, pp. 24-38)
PCSA v3.1 layer attributes (File 4) Variables PP12H12 to VT_NDX
(see DD, PCSA Data Layer, pp. 38-50)


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