Case Studies

Data from the Dartmouth Atlas Project has been used by other researchers and groups to explore variations in use among local areas, health systems and hospitals. These case studies were graciously provided by these organizations to highlight some of these uses of the Dartmouth Atlas database.

The Florida Health Care Coalition

The Florida Health Care Coalition's purpose is to address the quality of health care in the Florida community. The Coalition has followed and used the work and information from the Dartmouth Atlas for many years, and has produced two reports using the database. One report examined in detail the patterns of care in south Florida HSAs. The second report used hospital-specific data to compare Medicare spending and other measures among hospitals across the state. Click here for more information about the Coalition's use of Dartmouth Atlas data and to access their reports.

Health Action Council Ohio

Health Action Council Ohio (HAC) serves as a voice for employers that offer health benefits to employees, dependents and retirees. It also has a 501(c)(3) subsidiary, the Health Quality Forum, that collaborates with other stakeholders to improve the quality and efficiency of care in Ohio communities. This coalition used Dartmouth Atlas data to explore patterns of use and cost for multi-hospital systems in Cleveland and Columbus. They were interested in comparing local data with other multi-institutional systems demonstrating the best performance in the nation for care of terminal chronic illness. Click here for more information and to learn how to get a copy of the report.

The Iowa Health Buyers Alliance

The Iowa Health Buyers Alliance (IHBA) is an association of health care customers (consumers and purchasers) working together for a patient centered health system, improved quality, wellness, and increased transparency and public disclosure. Pursuing its goal of transparency and public disclosure, IHBA has produced a series of four consumer health guides to help patients ask good questions and to have information to use in choosing health care providers. The fourth guide in the series, “Iowa Report Card - Ranking of Hospitals for Chronic Care” was published in May 2009 based on data from the 2008 Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care. Click here for more information and to access the report.


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